Here are a few questions for you. 
What is your destination? 
Do you procrastinate or get stuck on one task? 
Do you get distracted and lose focus? 
Do you know what you want but do not know how to get there? 
Are you confused about what you want? 
Have you reached your goal and need to stretch yourself? 
Do you want to reduce your anxiety? 
Some people continually look for ways to improve their position in their business or personal life. Others tend to take each day as it comes and wander aimlessly without a care in the world. 
Right now, in this weird, worrying, tiresome pandemic, people are having to make some bold decisions about their career, profession, and relationship. This has put an unquantifiable strain on people’s lives, leading to increased anxiety. 
Over the years I’ve helped many people with anxiety issues, and a lot of them tend to have either relationship, financial, or work-related problems that exacerbate their anxiety. Just imagine the effect COVID-19 has on people with a pre-existing anxiety disorder. 

My Starting Point 

My starting point and question I ask all my clients, is “What do you want”? 
This is my way of saying, “What is your destination”? or “What is your preferred outcome”? It hasn’t got to be a goal, although it can be, it hasn’t got to be an objective set by your manager, it hasn’t got to be business related, it could be personal to you. It could quite simply be, you just want to be happy or you may want to reduce your anxiety. 
If that is all you want, then let’s look at how we can get you there. 


D.R.I.V.E is my go-to tool and it will help you to get to where you want to be. It’s about putting you in the driving seat, to take action and achieve whatever you want. If you haven’t already read my book, D.R.I.V.E to Peak Performance, it will motivate you to take action. 
It allows the individual to steer and set the pace, accelerating at full throttle or moving at a steady speed and of course applying the brakes to pause when necessary. 
It is like having your very own satellite navigation system for getting you from where you are now to where you want to be, and you can only make this work if you know what your destination is and when you want to arrive there. 
DRIVE™ is a coaching model that has a new and exciting angle. To get your copy click here
To find out more about the services we provide and how we help people think about where they are going and where they want to be contact us today 
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