Meet Our Team 

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Roy McDonald 

Founder & Managing Director of Coach Forever Ltd 
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer 
Mental Health First England Instructor 
Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist 
Roy's background is in sales, management and leadership in the IT, Automotive and ERP sectors. He has successfully coached and trained teams, individuals and senior managers, helping them to achieve their business and personal goals. 
Roy get's a kick out of inspiring and motivating people to push themselves to the next level, conquering the fears or beliefs that are holding them back. 
His style is both engaging and pragmatic, using a wealth of real-world examples and proven techniques. 
Trainer, coach and mentor for senior management and employees. 
Certified trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). 
Creator of D.R.I.V.E.™ - a brand new coaching model - Destination | Reality | Inspiration | Vision | Effect. 
Mental Health First Aid England Instructor. 
Building assertiveness and confidence. 
Management, Leadership, Communication and Rapport building. 
Behaviour Profiling 
Builds a quick rapport with people at all levels. 
Getting to the heart of issues in a calm, amenable and non-confrontational way. 
Quickly eliciting goals and desired outcomes for individuals or organisations. 
Clear, focused communicator. 
Relaxed coaching style using the appropriate tools for every client. 
Skilled at affecting how people think, respond and communicate. 
ABNLP accredited NLP Trainer 
NLP Master Practitioner 
Society of Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners 
International Coach Federation 
Institute of Leadership and Management 
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy 
Member of the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) 
General Hypnotherapy Register 
Accredited C-me Psychometric Profiling Practitioner 
Accredited psychometric trainer in DISC 
A passionate supporter and season ticket holder at MK Dons. 
Studying Spanish. 
Dancing - salsa, rock and roll and lindy hop - love it!! 
Charitable work 


”Coach Forever Ltd, carried out a training session for our technical team, focusing on presentation skills, rapport building and body language. At the end of the training day, everyone took away two positive things that they would use in their business or personal life. Roy explained the power of using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which certainly made the attendees think about how the mind works and how you can anchor a good feeling to overcome nerves, especially if you lack self-confidence. His style of training was intuitive, engaging and thought provoking. 
We are now looking forward to a series of training sessions with different departments within Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd” 
HR Manager Monika Klimek – Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd 

Lex Lovell 

Master Practitioner NLP 
Life Coach 
Mental Health First Aid Instructor 
Lex loves to help people find the best version of themselves for their own inner happiness/peace. As an NLP Master Practitioner, Lex is able to quickly gain a good understanding of a person's internal world through their thoughts, language and belief system which influence their feelings, behaviours and actions. 
Lex is also a Mental Health First Aid Instructor and has an indepth knowledge of mental health issues and illnesses. Her knowledge and empathy of the topic enables Lex to build a good rapport and trust with people, which greatly helps them achieve a positive outcome. 
Mental Health First Aider training. 
Able to quickly build rapport with people. 
Builds trust. 
Effective and engaging course delivery. 
Accredited NLP Master Practitioner 
EMDR Training 
Accredited Mental Health First Aid England Instructor 
Going to the gym. 
Spending quality time with friends and family. 


“Lex is completely unique in her style, approach and delivery, making her the perfect choice for impactive and beneficial training. She has a wonderful way of engaging everyone, even in the most diverse groups, enabling every participant to benefit from the amazing work she delivers. Lex is compassionate and supportive, which are essential attributes for proper teaching of the MHFA course. The program deals with some challenging topics that even the most resilient participants may find difficult to cope with. Proper and effective course delivery therefore requires an intuitive course leader who can encourage openness in discussion whilst identifying and supporting those for whom the subject matter may cause disturbance. Lex is an extraordinary communicator and has the skills to build a supportive therapeutic or teaching relationship with anyone. I cannot recommend her highly enough." 

Bill Ford 

Mental Health First Aid Instructor 
Bill has spent thirty years working in the Automotive Sector – fifteen years in Sales, Management and Training. Latterly, seventeen successful years in the IT / Dealer Management System (ERP) space. He has seen first-hand the negative impact that mental ill health issues can have on both individuals and the organisations for which they work. 
He is passionate and committed to improving the culture of the working environment and thus benefiting staff, their employers and their customers. Bill's aim is to make working environments a more compassionate and humane place for employees to spend their working lives. 
Maximising health and wellbeing. 
Mental Health First Aider Training. 
Dealing with Stress in the Workplace. 
"Bill has a wealth of knowledge and the course content is amazing and succinct. 
Bill Ford was an excellent instructor, his honesty and obvious passion for the subject really helped bring it to life. I highly recommend this course." 

Ken Hall 

Coaching and Training Consultant 
Mental Health First Aid Instructor 
Suicide First Aid Tutor 
Ken is an enthusiastic and motivated learning professional and started his career in learning in 2010. Over the last 12 years Ken has developed his skills to aid improving personal development covering a wide range of topics. From coaching to presentation skills, performance management and personal well-being. He is able to bring the practical element of theoretical learning to life ensuring you can see the practical application of your new skills. 
Ken has worked with medium to large, multi-site organisations both in the UK and Europe. His experience extends to a wide range of sectors such as Retail, Automotive, HM Government, Manufacturing and Health Care. He has designed and delivered both technical and soft skill learning interventions for a large range of audiences from customer facing colleagues to senior managers. 
Ken's aim is to bring learning to life so organisations and their colleagues can build their skills to achieve goals and aspirations be it for business or personal growth. He is a strong advocate for supporting mental health, in particular the understanding of happiness and self-awareness and how this can help people's resilience. 
Performance management. 
Personal coaching. 
Technical and soft skill training. 
Mental Health First Aid training. 
CBT and NLP coach. 
Behavioural profiling. 
Certified online learning facilitator. 
LPI Fellow Member 
Member of Complimentary Medical Associations UK 
NLP Practitioner 
Level 5 Diploma CBT 
C-Me Colour Profiling Practitioner 
TAP Facilitator Accredited. 
Mental Health First Aid England Accredited Instructor. 
Suicide First Aid USI Accredited Tutor 
Ken was a band performer and stage performer in the past and enjoys participating in music and musical theatre. 


"Ken has been delivering training sessions around health and wellbeing for a number of our key clients. He has a full understanding of the challenges some people face and his facilitation of the sessions has been excellent. We have had nothing but great feedback from all our delegates and we are pleased to be working with a professional, knowledgeable and reliable trainer like Ken." 

Mark Brady 

Trainer and Counsellor 
Mental Health First Aid Instructor 
As a qualified nurse, Mark has managed large mental health nursing homes and has spent a large part of his career supporting people with mental health impairments. 
Mark has trained over 1000 managers in how to manage mental health in the workplace and continues to offer Mental Health First Aid training to individuals keen to support others. 
Mark has both the clinical and theoretical experience in supporting people with severe mental health difficulties and his aim is to see everybody who needs support being given the opportunity to receive help as soon as they need it. 
Mental Health First Aider training. 
Counselling Assessor. 
Qualified nurse and nursing consultant. 
Authorised disability assessor for the DWP. 
Mental Health First Aid training. 
Nurse RNLD DipHe 
Mental Health First Aid England Accredited Instructor 
Award in Education and Training 
Certificate in Training Practice 
Accredited Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention Trainer 
Mark enjoys travelling and spending time with his children, grandchildren, family and friends. 
He is a great movie buff. 
As a previous member of the UK Theatre of Performing Arts, Mark likes singing, music, magic and amateur dramatics. 
He also enjoys a good debate and is a member of a debate group. 


“I'm not sure where to start with Mark, he is hands down the best trainer I have ever had. He has so much knowledge over so many areas that there isn't anything he couldn't help with. The way he presented the course was amazing. We were all engaged from start to finish (which can be very difficult). I have never taken away so much from a course before and I'm so happy I went on this course and will be recommending to everyone I work with and hopefully they receive the training by Mark! He made it such a safe place that we all shared our personal experiences which really helped us all understand the issues we may well face a lot more. Thank you very much to Mark the best trainer I have ever had!! (don't think I'll ever be able to forget what ALGEE means again!" 

Rebecca Kilpatrick 

Mental Health Awareness Coach 
Rebecca served 10 years as a Detective Constable in the Police Force and spent most of my career in the Child Protection Safeguarding Unit. She actively interviewed children of all age ranges, including traumatised children. Rebecca dealt with people suffering all aspects of Mental Health illnesses first hand, both as victims and offenders, in the unit and wider community. 
Mental health and well-being. 
Domestic abuse. 
Child protection. 
Online awareness. 
Conducting forensic interviews with children. 
Acting as an intermediary for defendants in court. 
Working with victims of crime and their families. 
Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. 
Working with victims of domestic violence. 
Forensic interviewing of children. 
Level 3 & 4 in Policing NVQ 
C-Me Profiling Practitioner 
Bachelor of Arts in History 
Safeguarding Children Practice Level 3 
Accreditation in Child Safeguarding trainng by the NSPCC 
Specialist child abuse investigation development programme (SCAIDP) 
Professionalising Investigation Programme (PIP 2 Detective) 
Mental Health Awareness 


"Rebecca has been working with us for approximately a year, delivering mental health training to senior managers in the automotive industry. Without exception, the feedback we receive about Rebecca’s knowledge, skills and style is fantastic. Rebecca has a warm, engaging style; quickly able to engage and influence delegates in even the most challenging of subjects. We would highly recommend Rebecca as a trainer and consultant."  
Yvonne Hignell 

Eva Oluban 

Crystal Therapist Practitioner 
Well-being Business Developer and Lifestyle Consultant 
Eva has always had a passion for Life, well-being and business and has been fascinated with the majesty of the natural world and captivated by the power of a sense of self. 
It’s always been her intention to present the world with a plethora of ways to feel good, enhance business, share her insights and wisdom of a sense of self and how to enjoy life. 
She has worked for many years with corporate companies & brands, implementing bespoke personal well-being development, incorporating a variety of different well-being services and business programmes to encourage financial growth and personal wellness. This has been, and continues to be, deeply fulfilling. 
One of the great pleasures in the work she does is connecting the dots for a variety of different companies, organisations and persons across many industries including fashion, music, TV, sports, education, the Justice system, Hospitality, and well-being, so they can thrive. 
Eva believes and has witnessed, that if we nurture with a paint brush of respect and gratitude, this will have a profound effect within business and personal life. 
Accredited Crystal Therapist Practitioner 
Holistic Therapy 
Lifestyle Consultant 
Putting tailored programmes in place to boost revenue and wellness 
Career guidance 
Visionary techniques 
Confidence building 
Spiritual guidance 
Excellent communication skills 
Building trust 
Building quick rapport with people 
Translating energy and ideas into workable solutions 
Inventive visual design ideas 
Accredited Crystal Therapist Practitioner 
Mental Health FIrst Aider 
Watching films 


"Eva is so supportive, approachable, easy to communicate with, understanding and generally full of love. She has a wealth of knowledge within the business and well-being industry and I would highly recommend working with her. Eva’s communication skills are second to none and she has an infectious and unique approach to life. I recently recommended Eva to a few of my clients one of which was at Silverstone at the prestigious F1 British Grand prix event, working with very high profile clients, her work was invaluable. 
Eva has recently helped and supported me during some personal mental health issues and difficult times. I received some regular crystal therapy which helped me hugely. Whatever buisness/organisation/brand and individual Eva is connected to always seems thrives." 
Tiffany Stanford 

Arti Kakkad 

Life Coach 
Clinical Hypnotherapist 
Arti's background is in finance. For over ten years, she has been coaching and mentoring professionals, schoolchildren and the elderly. She loves helping people learn more about themselves and how to lead a better life. She has helped reduce absenteeism and workplace conflict by pioneering workplace training courses on Management, Leadership, Communication, Stress reduction 
Arti believes there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ method to helping people. We’re all different. To perform at our best and create the lifestyles we want, we have to be treated as individuals. 
Stress and Anxiety Management - inside and outside the workplace 
Public speaking 
Relationship issues 
Career change 
Fear of the future 
Low self-esteem 
1 - 2 - 1 or group sessions in the workplace 
Monthly guided meditation sessions 
Sessions on staff well-being and away days. 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming 
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Techniques 
Qualifications, Associations 
Clinical diploma in hypnotherapy practice 
Master Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) 
Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Techniques 
Foundation Certificate in Coaching 
Trainer Skills 
Level 3 Counselling 
Arti enjoys charity work. she has spent many years working with the St. Johns Ambulance. She now devotes my spare time between MK Reader (Supporting people who have lost their sight), Ahimsa Dairy (pioneering a compassionate, cruelty free and sustainable farming model) as well as Works for Us (helping long term unemployed people gain the confidence to go back into work). 
She also loves walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, trampolining, spending time with friends and family, and exploring spirituality. 


“Arti is very caring and supportive. Always ready to listen to hear what is on your mind and to help your unconscious mind deal with your current issue or what ever is holding you back. 
Arti is very confident in what she does, making you feel calm and relaxed when you are with her. Her hypnotherapy is just amazing and dials directly to your sub consciousness with what you would like to achieve. She has helped me though areas like dealing with stress at work and public speaking confidence. 
Her workshops about stress are very informative, to the point and helps you see things from a different perspective which is a breath of fresh air.” 

Emma Tomes 

Master NLP Practitioner 
Grief Recovery Method Specialist 
Mindfulness Teacher 
Emma is a proactive coach providing an all-encompassing approach that has resulted in helping over 1000 people. Her mission is to provide people with help that supports positive mental health. 
In her coaching and training, she applies honesty and empathy while listening and giving practical advice that makes a difference. 
Helping people move through the pain of loss using an evidence-based, action-oriented grief program called the Grief Recovery Method. 
Mental Health First Aid instructor 
Suicide First Aid Training 


"I attended Suicide First Aid training with Emma recently as a build on my Mental Health First Aid training. The training on such a difficult topic was professional and sensitively handled. The subject gave me more confidence to talk about suicide. We were made to feel safe amongst our group where we shared our thoughts. Many thanks to Emma for this useful course." 
Training Support Officer 

Andrew Turner 

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Trainer 
Hypnotherapy Trainer 
Health and wellbeing coach 
Andy never considered himself an academic, being dyslexic made the learning experience of school a difficult environment and teachers and peers focused on his weaknesses rather than his strengths. 
He played rugby to a high level, however, due to a spinal injury his hopes of a career as a professional rugby player were lost. As a result Andy, due to his desire to help people and his passion for the gym, decided to train as a Personal Trainer. Through his determination, enthusiasm and passion for help people he was recruited as the youngest Personal Trainer in the company he was working for.  
It was during his time as a Personal Trainer when he was introduced to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) when he attended an NLP seminar. Andy was used as a "breakthrough" demonstration. This quashed and reframed his paradigms about his ability to succeed and move on from the negativity he had experienced during his younger years which had previously held him back. This was a huge shift for Andy and totally changed his approach to things. As a result public speaking, presenting to industry experts, business coaching and mentorship were all things that were added to his already successful personal training business. 
The art of NLP was the missing piece to Andy's way of thinking and now, Andy is now a practitioner and master practitioner in NLP, and a fully accredited NLP trainer. 
Health and wellbeing 
Certified trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguisic Programming) 
Certified trainer of Hypnotherapy 
Nutrition fit for purpose 
Behaviour profiling 
Management, Leadership, Communication and Rapport building 
The full 360 approach - 1-1 coaching 
Coaching and mentoring 
Neuro LInguistic Programming 
Qualifications, Associations 
ABNLP accredited NLP Trainer 
ABH Certification trainer in Hypnotherapy 
NLP Master Practitioner 
Accredited C-Me Psychometric Profiling Practitioner 
Precision Nutrition Coach 
Precision Nutrition - Sleep, stress management and Recover Coach 
Body Type Nutrition Coach 
Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Cherelle Gardiner 

Holistic Health & Wellbeing Coach & Training Consultant 
Mental Health First Aid Instructor 
NLP Practitioner 
Cherelle has 17 years’ experience in training and development, coaching, mentoring and consultancy. Her work spans across different industry sectors like retail, further education, mental health and disabilities services. 
She has worked with numerous organisations to help improve; productivity, health & wellbeing, knowledge around disability and increased mental health awareness for individuals at all levels. Companies that she has worked with range from corporate to small medium enterprises, 
Cherelle has experienced long-term disability, which has influenced her passion and diligence towards embedding equality, diversity and inclusion to ensure individuals have a safe conducive place to work. 
Designing bespoke training packages for: 
Mental health & well-being 
Disability Awareness 
Problem Solving in the workplace 
Customer Service 
Mental Health First Aid – Not Bespoke 
Coaching, Mentoring and Assessing 
Training and Development 
Facilitation of diverse groups of people 
Blending learning approach for inclusivity. 
Interviewing techniques with successful outcomes 
Attentive listening and effective communication 
Qualifications, Associations 
Mental Health First Aid Instructor, England 
Adult Mental Health First Aid Refresher Instructor 
BA (Hons) Retail Management 
Assessor Award (A1) 
TAP (For experienced trainers) 
NLP Practitioner – (Neuro Linguistics Programming) 
NLP Practitioner in Coaching  
NLP Practitioner Hypnotherapy 
NLP Practitioner Timeline Therapy 
Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring 
Intro certificate in life coaching 
Domestic Violence Awareness 
NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Improving Personal Exercise, Health and Nutrition 
NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in understanding specific learning difficulties 


“Cherelle delivered a series of Mental wellbeing in the workplace workshops to our teams. 
Her engaging delivery style along with her in depth knowledge and experience, ensured our colleagues gained maximum benefit from the workshops. Feedback from all our attendees was nothing but positive. 
I would not hesitate to recommend Cherelle for any workplace mental wellbeing training”. 
Find out more about how our innovative, yet proven coaching methods can take your business forward to where you need it to be. 
Call 01908 410894 or send an enquiry 
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