D.R.I.V.E.™ To Peak Performance 

Some people think that to have an idea of where you want to go is absurd, you on the other hand will develop a mind shift to get there. 
For many years Roy has harnessed and sharpened not only his mind but the minds of his delegates and clients using DRIVE™. 
DRIVE ™, is a coaching model that has a new and exciting angle. 
Focusing on the different elements of this model is enlightening and fulfilling. 
In DRIVE to Peak Performance, Roy A McDonald asks some challenging questions, that will create new neural pathways, igniting your mind to conjure up your destination. 
You can be a top CEO, business owner or someone who needs direction, whatever it is this book will certainly help you turn your vision into reality. 


DRIVE to Peak Performance is a straightforward book, to finally shift you into action towards a goal that has meaning for you. Roy has created a coaching model based on years of business success in the field, combined with his understanding of how the brain works and where real motivation comes from. Most people think they know what to do but can’t seem to do it or even more tragically, work really hard, climb a ladder but end up at the top of the wrong ladder, doing a job that has no meaning for them. Roy takes the reader through a step by step process by asking questions, visualisations and exercises which in turn use all three centres of intelligences; the head, heart and gut to create a strategy and a destination which is authentic for you. 
Teresa Daniels Enneagram Teacher 
The first time I have read a book cover to cover in one go, I just wanted to read what comes next and didn't want to wait. A great read and very inspirational, already made some changes after first read and will read again very soon and put more of Roy's advice into practice. Some great insights into the Author and how these shaped his direction in life. 
Andy Axtell 
I enjoyed reading this - It is not just full of great 'how to' ideas, but also the author takes you on such a personal journey which is so inspiring! The exercises are useful and powerful, I particularly found the section on visualising your success and life after it has happened very insightful. I had not considered this before, and it has been a real eye-opener. After reading it is impossible not to feel 'geared-up' and ready to go! 
Mrs M D 


“Really hope that you are well Roy, I cant thank you enough for picking me up and turning my life around, may sound like a big statement but it’s a fact and I will be forever indebted to you. 
From a personal point of view I’m in a very good place at the moment, the anxiety and depressive episodes are very few and far between thankfully and I’m coping with life much, much better be the ride smooth or rough, the stop button is still up in front of my desk and still in use and a very helpful tool to make me stop, and check." 
Peter Mulry (Contractor) 
Gallagher Group Ltd 
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