C-ME COLOUR PROFILING The breakthrough profiling system for inspiring real change  

C-me colour profiling - clear, insightful profiling for identifying, not just personality types, but behaviour patterns too 

C-me Colour Profiling   

How can you be sure that your team are performing to their best? Well you can’t, until you know what their best is. And one way to measure their potential is through C-me colour profiling - a true breakthrough in the world of personality profiling. A flexible, practical tool that focuses, not just on personality, but on our behaviours and preferences too. These might be natural or they might be learned. 
For hundreds of years mankind has been curious about what makes us tick - what motivates us to behave in one way, rather than in another. Hippocrates was the first to conduct proper research into personalities. Carl Jung was a significant 20th century advocate. Finally, it was Isabel Briggs- Myers who introduced these theories into the world of work and profiling. 
Using the language of colour, C-me focuses on how we behave to determine our personality type. 
We deliver C-Me Colour Profiling to your business, giving you a truly accurate and insightful perspective of your personality and behaviour patterns. The report we produce will act as a springboard to help determine the best route to your business success. 

You can use C-me colour profiling to help you with 

Staff appraisals 
Performance development plans 
Staff retention 
General team building 
Conflict management 
Find out more about how C-me can lead towards greater success for you, your people and your business. 
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