Bringing out the best in you - for work and for life 
Combine the benefits of business coaching with targeted hypnotherapy to generate positive change in the way you think, work and live 

Why Hypno-Coaching? 

Do you sometimes feel that the business coaching you’ve received just doesn’t go quite deep enough? Yes - your coach takes you through an analysis of your business and you discuss goals, objectives and strategies. But how often do these sessions address the real ‘you’? 
After all, it’s ‘you’ that is at the core of your working life. So, isn’t it worth focusing a significant part of your coaching experience on the inner ‘you’? Helping you to escape the negative stuff that is holding you back; bringing you and your skills to the present and heading towards a positive future. 
This is where Hypno-Coaching comes in. 
Accelerate your performance to an optimum level 
Achieve greater outcomes in less time by focusing on the subconscious mind 
Remove blockers from your mind focusing on obtaining your goals 
Inspire and change the mindsets of your employees 
Starting a new business 
Sounding out career changes 
Eliminating specific fears 
Enduring loss 
Dealing with any change in personal, physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing 

How does Hypno-Coaching work?  

Hypno-Coaching uses specific techniques to help bring about the changes in you that you desire. 
Your first session will be all about finding out about you and what you want to achieve in both your working and your personal life. You may not even be sure yourself what these goals are. You might be confused about where you are now and where you want to get to. By carrying out a structured interview, we’ll find out what is genuinely important to you in your life, right now. Then we’ll put together a series of sessions, specifically designed to move you forward in the way you think, work and live. 
Your course of Hypno-Coaching will comprise: 
A series of Life Coaching and Business Coaching sessions. 
Hypnosis sessions to facilitate subconscious change in your ways of thinking and behaving. 
Exercises to carry out at home to reinforce and redirect your path towards your goals. 

How long does Hypno - Coaching take?  

Like anything worthwhile, Hypno-Coaching requires commitment. Any form of coaching is about change. To take full advantage of every possible avenue of change, a minimum of three months of weekly/fortnightly sessions is the norm. 
Find out more about how Hypno-Coaching can enable you and your people to achieve more from within than ever before 
Call 01908 410894 or send an enquiry 

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