We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of training  
and coaching with quantifiable and qualitative results. 
Our clients leave our sessions with a sense of fulfilment 
and enlightenment. 
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Coach Forever Limited has been delivering training, coaching and personal development for nearly a decade. We bring together our coaching skills with a profound understanding of the language, dynamics, process and culture of organisations, however large. 
We are experienced in the psychology of change. It is the breadth and depth of this experience which enriches the value we bring. 
We are passionate about what we do, we are enthusiastic about what we do, and we get a tremendous amount of satisfaction knowing that we can change the performance of individuals to a greater level within an organisation or on an individual basis. 
Developing employees and enhancing their skills to better communicate with colleagues and customers is one of our core foundations. 

Business coaching 

Our focus is to coach your organisation towards its goals. You’ll tell us where you want to take your company. Our specialist team of qualified and experienced business coaches will help to get you there. 

Leadership training 

Have you noticed how our experiences, beliefs and values shape our leadership style? This style has a critical impact on companies’ environment, culture and performance. Coach Forever leadership coaching is geared to developing potential and building relationships of mutual respect and trust. 

Sales training 

We’re all different. No two sales people are faced with identical challenges. With our bespoke sales training, we work with sales people of all abilities - from nervous newbies to seasoned sellers. The people may be different but the results will be the same - more sales! 

Mental Health & Wellbeing 

Our aim is to continue to help remove the stigma and normalise the discussions about mental health, and provide early intervention, spotting the symptoms and sign posting someone to get professional help. 


We can all change our perceptions, habits and language to transform our performance leading to a different, more positive life. 
In a business setting NLP techniques and tools allow people to become more motivated; they can dynamically improve work performance and boost sales. 


We use a unique combination of Hypnotherapy and Coaching to help you to go deeper, overcome the obstacles that are holding you back and to make the real changes that will ‘stick’ - changes that will take you closer towards achieving your business and your personal goals. 
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1-2-1 coaching 

As an individual within a company, however large or small, you’ll have your own goals. You’ll also know about the challenges you face. Our results-driven coaching techniques will put you in the driving seat. Together we’ll overcome those challenges and drive you towards those goals. 

C-Me Colour profiling 

A quick, easy and uncannily accurate way to gain invaluable insight to develop you, your team and your business. 

How we work 

Our uniquely skilled and experienced specialist business coaches use a combination of proven coaching methods and models to drive you and your business or organisation towards your goals. 


Learn directly with us about how to address your key business issues. Join our full or half-day workshops on a whole raft of topics - improving sales, reducing stress, addressing conflict. 

Our associates 

Our uniquely skilled and experienced specialist business coaches use a combination of proven coaching methods and models to drive you and your business or organisation towards your goals. 
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Latest news 

Read our take on the latest business issues. We’ll keep you updated with a series of insightful and relevant blog posts. 

C-me Behavioural Colour Profiling 

Peoples behaviours within a team environment can shape the effectiveness of the team, so understanding behavioural tendencies instead of personalities can be a valuable management tool.  
C-me colour profiles are created and presented in an easy to follow, jargon free report following a series of questions to determine your behavioural profile. 
Find out more about how our innovative, yet proven coaching methods can take your business forward to where you need it to be. 
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