Mental Health & Well-being in Business 

It is well known that mental health is a growing concern for businesses and, since the pandemic, this has become even more evident. Poor mental health amongst employees can cause problems in terms of morale and productivity. 
We strongly believe that developing a working environment where mental health issues or challenges can be discussed openly leads to a mentally healthy and resilient workforce - which in turn leads to SUCCESS! 
What do you think the root causes are for this increase in mental health issues in the workplace? 
Here are some of the reasons: 
It is a much more competitive market. 
We need to be leaner in how we deliver our products and services. 
We are competing with the world wide web. 
Lack of good leadership. 
Poor communication. 
All of the above puts increased pressure on directors, managers and employees alike. 
So, what could all this mean for your business? 
Huge expectation on managers to deliver against their key performance indicators, often with limited time and resources. 
Stress on management due lack of knowledge and necessary skills by managers to handle a mental health issue at work. 
Potential reduction in performance and efficiency. 
Potential increase in absenteeism. 
Potential increase in presenteeism. 
Drop in motivation, engagement and morale. 
The need to re-allocate tasks and managing the workforce. 
Recruiting temporary or new permanent staff . 
All of the above results in increased costs, which can be significant, to your bottom line! 

So, how can we help? 

We train your managers so they have the knowledge and are fully-equipped to identify the symptoms of a mental health issue in an employee and can support them in the right way.  
In turn, if employees are aware that their manager has this knowledge, they will feel more comfortable in coming forward to discuss any problems they are experiencing. 
As a business you want to ensure your employees are working productively and efficiently at all times. Providing them with the right help early on will help to minimise long term sickness and reduce a negative impact on the business. 
Watch the video below to see our Director, Roy McDonald, talking about our Mental Health Training Programme and the benefits it can offer to your business. 
To register for the FREE Webinar - select one of the dates below: 
We have worked with Coach Forever both pre - and post-pandemic and they have 
adjusted their way of working smoothly to both accommodate and support 
our employees' training requirements. 
They are subject matter experts with regards to mental health first aid and 
their working style gets consistently great feedback from our colleagues. 
They build confidence in the colleagues they work with and in turn are a trusted provider. 

Public Scheduled Courses 

Are you an individual who is looking to increase your knowledge of mental health and want to gain the confidence to support and help others, as well as look after your own mental health? Then look no further. 
We run public scheduled courses throughout the year - you can see details of the courses we offer below. You can find dates for each course and can book directly with us via the links provided. 

Mental Health  First Aid 


Mental Health First Aid Champion 


Mental Health Awareness 


Mental Health First Aid Refresher 


Manage Mental Health in the Workplace 

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