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“Following our first group training session with Roy, I was amazed by how he had, in one day, inspired so many people to take responsibility to both put into practice and follow up through their own reading what had been covered on the course.  
We are now arranging further group sessions across the entire company as soon as we can.” 
Steve Oldroyd 
Managing Director 
On Target Recruitment Ltd 
“Roy provides invaluable support to our clients, working with them on a one-to-one basis and helping those clients that feel they are ‘stuck’ and need this type of additional support. Our clients have told us that they find these sessions really helpful in helping them to understand their emotions and to find their way forward. We are very grateful for his help.” 
Marion Cole  
Works for Us 
"I’ve been lucky enough to attend a number of Roy’s management courses over the past couple of years. The content of which has always been spot on and certainly relevant. I have to say it’s Roy’s delivery that makes his courses an absolute pleasure to be at! After about an hour or so you feel you're amongst your mates, chatting and interacting by bouncing ideas around. I’ve yet to leave a course without learning something that’s very useful to me and our business. Roy has a bit of a well deserved fan following in the Watts group. Whenever the topic of training courses comes up invariably someone will ask “have you been on one of Roy’s yet?” Top man!" 
Steve Jenkins 
General Manager & Parts Regional Manager 
Watts Truck & Van Swansea Ltd 
“Roy McDonald is a game changer. He has the Ability to keep a room entirely captivated with his words and he has given my business techniques that are resulting in record sales performance. He’s absolutely the go to man for personal and professional development.” 
Tim Lawrie 
CEO and Founder 
"Roy delivers a great leadership workshop its thought provoking, challenging and inspiring. His presentational style is laid back and friendly. Very beneficial for both work and personal life situations. I highly recommend." 
Tony Whittaker 
General Manager 
F&G Commercials ( Barnsley) 
"Coach Forever Ltd, carried out a training session for our technical team, focusing on presentation skills, rapport building and body language. At the end of the training day, everyone took away two positive things that they would use in their business or personal life. Roy explained the power of using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which certainly made the attendees think about how the mind works and how you can anchor a good feeling to overcome nerves, especially if you lack self-confidence. His style of training was intuitive, engaging and thought provoking. We are now looking forward to a series of training sessions with different departments within Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd." 
HR Manager Monika Klimek 
Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd 
"Managing Mental Health In The Workplace 
I hope you don’t mind me emailing but I thought credit where credit is due! 
I have had some really good feedback regarding yesterday’s session in Oldbury from a few of the managers I spoke to. 
They have said how insightful the course itself was but better still they all commended Roy for his execution and engagement of the session. Thanks." 
Victoria Heard 
Regional Support Coordinator - North 
"Our staff were very much engaged in the discussions, to a degree that we had probably not seen before. After the initial session we were approached by a number of them individually saying how much they had enjoyed it and how confident they were that they would be able to get a lot out of the programme going forward. We have had another manager ask to go on the programme subsequently following the feedback from a colleague. It’s not often that happens!" 
Nigel & Sue 
"I thought the course was very good, Roy sized us all up straight from the start and got us all spot on with his assessment. Roy explained what he was all about and delivered an excellent agenda, I have come into work today after being out of office for a week and my head is in a completely different place, delivered a quick team meeting with all the guys (following Roy’s advice) and got them all on board and pulling in the same direction. 
Been in this position for 10 years and today I feel fresh and rejuvenated. 
Looking forward to coming along for part 2." 
John Goodwin 
Depot Manager 
Channel Commercials Sevenoaks 
"I had coaching sessions with Roy in 2017 and I was very impressed with his holistic approach to personally and professional development. Centring his approach on the use of personal growth and improving your mind set, he gave me lots of ideas to implement on wellbeing, improving emotional intelligence and having full accountability for your current situation. Two years on and this has had a profound impact on changing my approach from a fixed to a growth mindset which has resulted in a lot of personal and professional success. Roy’s enthusiasm for his subject is contagious and he clearly has a lot of passion in helping others realise their goals. Thanks again Roy." 
Tim Williams 
On Target Recruitment 
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