Experience | Empathy | Expertise 
Long-term benefits for your organisation through an integrated approach to business coaching 

What do we do? 

We help you and your people to 
Create rapport and more meaningful connections with others 
Banish negative moods and create confidence 
Focus on your desired outcomes 
Open your minds to creativity by visualising those outcomes 
Create manageable and measurable steps using a timeline 
Build confidence when delivering presentations 

How do we do it? 

You’ll benefit from a combination of coaching strategies 
GROW Model - Goal-Reality-Options-When 
SCORE Model - Symptom-Cause-Outcomes-Resource-Effect 
DRIVE™ - Destination - Reality - Inspiration - Vision - Effect 
Perceptual Positioning 
Meta Programmes 
Time Line Therapy 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming 
Find out more how we work with to take your business forward 
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