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Roy McDonald 

Founder and Managing Director of Coach Forever 
My background is in sales, management and leadership in the IT, Automotive and ERP sectors. I’ve successfully coached and trained teams, individuals and senior managers - helping them to achieve their business and personal goals. 
I get a kick out of inspiring and motivating people to push themselves to the next level, conquering the fears or beliefs that are holding them back. 
My style is both engaging and pragmatic, using a wealth of real-world examples and proven techniques. 
Trainer, coach and mentor for senior management and employees 
Creator of DRIVE™ - a brand new coaching model  
Destination | Reality | Inspiration | Vision | Effect 
Building assertiveness & confidence 
Management, Leadership, Communication & Rapport building 
Accredited psychometric trainer in C-me Profiling 
Stress & anxiety 
Employee engagement 
Builds a quick rapport with people at all levels 
Getting to the heart of issues in a calm, amenable and non-confrontational way 
Quickly eliciting goals and desired outcomes for individuals or organisations 
Clear, focused communicator 
Relaxed coaching style using the appropriate tools for every client 
Skilled at affecting how people think, respond and communicate 
Qualifications, Associations 
Society of Neuro-Linguistic Practitioners 
Association of Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioners 
International Coach Federation 
Institute of Leadership and Management 
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy 
Accredited C-me Psychometric Profiling Practitioner 
A passionate supporter and season ticket holder at MK Dons 
Studying Spanish 
Dancing - Salsa, Rock & Roll and Lindy Hop - love it! 
Charitable work - Works for Us (helping long term unemployed people gain the confidence to go back into work) 
” Coach Forever Ltd, carried out a training session for our technical team, focusing on presentation skills, rapport building and body language. At the end of the training day, everyone took away two positive things that they would use in their business or personal life. Roy explained the power of using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which certainly made the attendees think about how the mind works and how you can anchor a good feeling to overcome nerves, especially if you lack self-confidence. His style of training was intuitive, engaging and thought provoking. 
We are now looking forward to a series of training sessions with different departments within Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd” 
HR Manager Monika Klimek – Adama Agricultural Solutions UK Ltd 
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Arti Kakkad 

Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist 
My background is in finance. For over ten years, I’ve been coaching and mentoring professionals, schoolchildren and the elderly. I love helping people learn more about themselves and how to lead a better life. I’ve helped reduce absenteeism and workplace conflict by pioneering workplace training courses on Management, Leadership, Communication, Stress reduction 
I believe there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ method to helping people. We’re all different. To perform at our best and create the lifestyles we want, we have to be treated as individuals. 
Stress and Anxiety Management - inside and outside the workplace 
Public speaking 
Relationship issues 
Career change 
Fear of the future 
Low self-esteem 
1 - 2 - 1 or group sessions in the workplace 
Monthly guided meditation sessions 
Sessions on staff well-being and away days. 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming 
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Techniques 
Qualifications, Associations 
Clinical diploma in hypnotherapy practice 
Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming 
Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Techniques 
Foundation Certificate in Coaching 
Trainer Skills 
Level 3 Counselling 
I enjoy charity work. I’ve spent many years working with the St. Johns Ambulance. I now devote my spare time to MK Reader (Supporting people who have lost their sight) and Ahimsa Dairy (pioneering a compassionate, cruelty free and sustainable farming model) as well as Works for Us (helping long term unemployed people gain the confidence to go back into work) I also love walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, trampolining, spending time with friends and family, and exploring spirituality. 
“Arti is very caring and supportive. Always ready to listen to hear what is on your mind and to help your unconscious mind deal with your current issue or what ever is holding you back. 
Arti is very confident in what she does, making you feel calm and relaxed when you are with her. Her hypnotherapy is just amazing and dials directly to your sub consciousness with what you would like to achieve. She has helped me though areas like dealing with stress at work and public speaking confidence. 
Her workshops about stress are very informative, to the point and helps you see things from a different perspective which is a breath of fresh air.” 
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Rebecca Kilpatrick 

Mental Health Awareness Coach 
I served ten years as a Detective Constable in the Police Force and spent most of my career in the Child Protection Safeguarding Unit. I actively interviewed children of all age ranges, including traumatised children. I dealt with people suffering all aspects of Mental Health illnesses first hand both as victims and offenders, in the unit and wider community. 
Designing bespoke training packages for: 
Mental health & well-being 
Domestic abuse 
Child protection 
Online awareness 
Conducting forensic interviews with children 
Acting as an intermediary for defendants in court 
Working with victims of crime and their families 
Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults 
Working with victims of domestic violence 
Forensic interviewing of children 
Qualifications, associations 
Level 3 + 4 in Policing NVQ 
C me Profiling Practitioner 
Bachelor of Arts in History 
Safeguarding Children Practice Level 3 
Accreditation in Child Safeguarding training by the NSPCC 
Specialist Child abuse Investigation development programme SCAIDP 
Professionalizing Investigation program- PIP 2 Detective 
Mental Health Awareness 
"Rebecca has been working with us for approximately a year, delivering mental health training to senior managers in the automotive industry.  Without exception, the feedback we receive about Rebecca’s knowledge, skills and style is fantastic.  Rebecca has a warm, engaging style; quickly able to engage and influence delegates in even the most challenging of subjects.  We would highly recommend Rebecca as a trainer and consultant." Yvonne Hignell 
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Debbie Brown 

Business Consultant & Coach 
I have more than eight years of experience in the field of transformational change and have made a positive contribution to both private and public sector organisations alike. With a background in Project Management, Change Management, Lean & Systems Thinking, coaching has become a natural extension and vital toolkit in the work I do. I’m inspired by the quote - 'To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often' 
Encouraging clients to see past and overcome barriers to change and progression 
Energy, integrity and humour - these are my core values 
Expert in the The Curve Team programme 
Expert in New Level Results Team Compatibility programme 
Facilitator of the Best Year Yet programme 
Personal coaching 
Strategic visioning 
Maximising health & wellbeing 
Leadership development 
Dispelling limiting beliefs 
Building confidence and assertiveness 
Team building 
Knowledge and skills transfer 
Business analysis 
Skills & Qualifications 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Master Practitioner 
NLP Coaching and Hypnosis 
Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis 
DISC Profiling - Accredited) 
" Debbie is one those unique individuals who is able to instantly engage with individuals or mixed groups. Without her perseverance, hard work and humour we would not have achieved half as much as we have. If you are trying to improve the way you do your business or want your teams to work more effectively, I would not hesitate to recommend her.” 
Mike Dearing, Partner, Ameo 
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Stuart Holcroft BSc (hons) Psych 

Mind Coach 
I discovered the incredible power of the human mind whilst serving in the Royal Air Force, winning a leadership award during initial officer training (The Sword of Honour, presented by HM The Queen). I played and coached sports and trained people at all levels, soon learning about the huge gap between theory and performance. I’m experienced in using numerous and varied psychometric assessment tools. However, I appreciate that, no matter how qualified or experienced they might be, if people fail to take action, poor performances can be infectious - spreading virus-like, creating uncertainty and discontent. 
I left the Forces in 2010 to do what I loved doing - helping people to succeed by coaching their minds - for personal development, business or sporting performance.  
I’ve helped people to lose weight without dieting 
Perform better in public (one of my clients was an X Factor runner-up) 
Overcome Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from various conflicts, including the Falklands 
Conquer their fears, phobias and negative habits. 
Reducing stress and anxiety 
Building rapport 
Overcoming fears 
Turning bad habits into good habits 
Boosting self-esteem and confidence. 
Listening and engaging - vital skills for any coach 
Sports Performance (specifically golf, cricket and endurance) 
Dealing with fears and phobias - heights, dentists, flying, spiders, claustrophobia, open water, dying 
Goal Setting & Achievement 
Skills & Qualifications 
Master hypnotist 
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner 
Timeline Therapy master practitioner 
HeartMathTM practitioner (sports) 
Master Mind Factor coach 
Advanced Presentational Techniques Instructor 
BSc (hons) Psychology 
Live performances - theatre, music, sports, or a school play 
Overseas travel 
Playing golf and touch rugby 
“I’m not sure of the official name for the mind coaching session we had, so I won’t try and guess or even how it works, but I simply had to write to say a massive thank you because, more importantly, they work! 
In the 4 short days since, I have felt calmer and more able to cope with the day-to-day stresses of life. I haven't sworn at idiot drivers, or shouted at moronic suppliers even once. More importantly, I have NEVER slept as well as I have for the last 3 nights so I actually feel rested and refreshed in the morning! 
Your methods may be beyond my comprehension but, my word, they really work! 
Thank you, from the very core of my being, for your help and, rest assured, I would more than happily recommend you to anyone I know who could benefit from your help.” 
Matthew Robinson, Company Director Big Bird Sports 
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Katie Farrell 

Consultant & Coach 
I have a passion for helping people live to their fullest potential, improving their mental and overall wellbeing to create a life that they love. I've run my own business for the past 7 years, following a 20 year career in HR, Training and Client/Change Management in the corporate world, including 5 years with General Motors Acceptance Corporation and 6 years at senior manager level for the NHS. 
I’ve always loved finding out what makes people ‘tick’ and am qualified in many interventions, including a, Reiki, Mindfulness and Personal Development Coaching amongst others. I’ve been able to live my passion by helping others to understand and use the powers of their mind, body and spirit to not only overcome obstacles that have previously held them back, but to achieve, and often exceed, their own goals and aspirations. 
1:1 coaching and personal development 
Group and workshop interventions on the topics of: 
Behavioural change management 
Team building 
Confidence and communication skills 
Stress management 
Qualifications, associations 
Level 4 Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy 
DISC Practitioner 
Diploma in personal coaching 
Reiki Master 
Myers Briggs Personality Styles 
Interpersonal and Influencing skills 
Effective Presenting and Train the Trainer 
"The 3 hours I had with Katie were 3 of the best hours of 2015. The preparation she sent through helped me to focus on what I wanted to get out of the session but also helped me to understand my thoughts and ideas a lot better even before we met. The actual session provided me not only with clarity about what I thought was going on in my mind but also resolved a number of areas which I was not aware had been impacting on me so much. I have come away with a fantastic platform for moving my business forward and I feel much happier in general. I cannot recommend Katie enough for anyone who needs support in moving forward with business and life in general. 
Jennie Bayliss, owner Office Wings Ltd and OW Concierge Ltd" 
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Karen Morton 

Trainer, Facilitator & Coach 
I am an experienced, creative and confident public speaker. Previously, I trained in PR & Radio Broadcasting in Ireland and my career has seen me extend my skill base to leading high profile sales promotions in Ireland, UK, Germany, USA, and Hong Kong involving retail and media campaigns. I’ve designed and implemented L & D Programs for and on behalf of clients in the hotel industry, retail & retail travel, the motor industry, financial sectors, schools, colleges & local government. 
I have particular experience of delivering bespoke & off the peg programs, research & design of training programs and creating client conference presentations & seminars. Diversity and inclusion are particular areas of interest for me. I enjoy facilitating critical thinking away days as well as mentoring and coaching one to one 
Personal Development: 
Personal Impact & Influence 
Presentation Skills 
Communication Skills 
Career Change Guidance 
Organisational Development 
Customer Service 
Managing Customer Service 
Telephone Techniques 
Sales Training 
Leadership & Talent Management 
Team Leadership & Development 
Motivational Leadership 
Diversity & Inclusion in the Work Place 
Managing others through Change 
Personal Impact & Influence 
Communication Skills 
Customer Service 
Managing Customer Service 
Team Leadership & Development 
Motivational Leadership 
Qualifications, associations 
Certified BELBIN Trainer 
NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity 
C me Profiling Practitioner 
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